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  1. Ian Stead April 5, 2014

    I’ve found a book that fits in the same ‘genre’ and was published around 1979.
    Look for Alien Landscapes/Macolm Edwards
    I found a copy for 50p but alas theres two pages missing from the back.
    Some good Mckie, Burns, Edwards, Tony Roberts and Colin Hay art in there

  2. Ian Stead April 5, 2014

    Argh sill me you already have it!

  3. admin April 8, 2014

    Hey Ian,

    Thanks for the note…Alien Landscapes is great! What I appreciate is the look into other planetscapes, as opposed to “just” aliens and spacecraft.

  4. Geoff Hart June 25, 2014

    I have a 7yr old visiting and I was digging thru books for him and stumbled on my Spacecraft 2000-2100. My god, I forgot how epic this kind of artwork is.
    Thanks for having this page so I can look into getting some more of this fantastic work in my home.

  5. admin June 26, 2014

    Thanks for the note Geoff…I first discovered the TTA/GE books when I was about 7 or 8 years old too. Loved them back, love them even more this time around!

  6. CR October 30, 2016

    I know that with a stand-alone storyline and a 1990 publication date, Chris Foss’ Diary of a Spaceperson (Paper Tiger) doesn’t quite fit in with the TTA and Galactic Encounters stuff, but a lot of its vehicles and spacecraft reminded me of artwork from those series. That’s why I bought it back in the day… (The attractively drawn women certainly didn’t hurt, either, but it was the mechanical stuff that initially drew me in to make the purchase.)

  7. admin November 2, 2016

    Thanks for the note CR! I am familiar with “Diary”, but don’t have a copy (yet). I’ll be adding many more titles to the the Vintage Books section during the winter, so stay tuned!

  8. CR November 2, 2016

    That’s very cool… looking forward to the updates!

  9. CR November 2, 2016

    By the way, I hope that you’ll include a Modern Books entry, too: Ground Zero by Fred Gambino (2001 Paper Tiger). I stumbled across my copy rather accidentally a couple years ago at a Half Price Books while looking for something else altogether.

  10. admin November 3, 2016

    Indeed, I will have updates to the Modern Books category. I don’t have Ground Zero, but did purchase Gambino’s latest monograph: The Art of Fred Gambino/Dark Shepherd. It showcases his latest, digital work, including a cinematic-style treatment of his “Dark Shepherd” short story. It’s certainly a departure from his TTA-era stuff, but it’s a nice addition to the bookshelf and can be found at a very nice price on Amazon.

  11. Eric Dick July 20, 2017

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