Alien World: The Complete Illustrated Guide

The Alien World, The Complete Illustrated Guide, Steven Eisler
Crescent Books New York, 1980
96pp, 90 full color illustrations

The companion to Space Wars, The Alien World surveys five different galactic sectors and the dominant species populating each of those areas, including humans. Also like Space Wars, many of the artwork appears in the TTA and Galactic Encounters books.
While well-written and with engaging descriptions of alien diversity, I can’t help but think these two books are a publisher’s quick attempt to capitalize on the success of the TTA books and the some of the artwork is indifferent and incongruous to the book’s title. Still, it’s an easy book to acquire and will complete your collection.

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  1. Paradox June 3, 2018

    What’s with the hand full of eyeballs? That’s an alien?

  2. admin June 12, 2018

    Hi Paradox…well, it may not be an A’lien” in the conventional sense, but a metaphor for something else alien. Good luck with the tactical game too – the TTA ship roster and alien registry is perfect for numerous gaming scenarios!

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