Alien Landscapes

Alien Landscapes, Robert Holdstock & Malcolm Edwards
Mayflower Book, New York, 1979
116pp, full color illustrations throughout

Most of the books surveyed on this site provide a look into the alien beings and technology that fill the fantastic worlds of science fiction. Alien Landscapes looks at the worlds themselves – flora, fauna, geography and climate – in which beings and their technologies survive or flourish.
Ten well-known sci-fi worlds are visited with descriptive text and several full color illustrations. They include:

Arthur C. Clarke’s colossal Rama spacecraft from Rendezvous with Rama, Ann McAffrey’s dragon world of Pern, James Blish’s Okie Cities, Hal Clement’s Mesklin, Harry Harrison’s Eros, Frank Herbert’s Arrakis from his Dune saga, Larry Niven’s Ringworld, Isaac Asimov’s Trantor, a world in his Foundation Trilogy, Brian Aldiss’s Hothouse, and finally a dying Earth from HG Well’s End of the World.


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