Tour of the Universe

Tour of the Universe, Edwards & Holdstock
Mayflower Books, 1980
138 pp, full color throughout

This is a really fun title. The premise is a typical, London couple enter an essay contest and win an all-expense paid trip through the cosmos. Beginning with their ascent into low earth orbit via skyhook, the trip takes them to exotic ports of call, awkward alien social customs, a run-in with shadowy figures on the edge of the law, and many more anecdotes about the strangeness of the stars. All these experiences are compiled in a scrapbook format.
Full color illustration abound, as well as clever, believable facsimiles of numerous travel tickets, entry/exit visas, and sales receipts to calmly remind us there will be plenty of paperwork in the future.

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  1. HIM November 7, 2014

    Interesting looking book, perhaps paperwork was minimized by the widespread adoption of futuristic microfiche!

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