Worlds at War: An Illustrated Study of Interplanetary Conflict

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Worlds at War, An Illustrated Study of Interplanetary Conflict, Steven Caldwell
Crescent Books New York, 1980
64 pp, 31 full color illustrations, 6 b/w illustrations

Worlds at War cover three interstellar conflicts of the future: an unprecedented attack from alien saucer fleet, the hit-and-run conflict with the renegading Mauraders of Pherkard, and the massive, costly Phalan War (also described in StarQuest. Like other Glactic Encounters titles, some artwork appears in TTA books, but most is unique to this title and to a high standard. Many of the pieces are double page spreads and make for fine “eye candy”. Tony Roberts’ fiery cover art leaves little to the imagination about who is a super-power within the TTA universe!






  1. JASON M HESSON May 19, 2024

    Hi there, I loved reading these bad boys in the 1980’s at Secondary School via their library.

    Just enquiring about your webpage.

    How did you set it up? Are you using an website creator such as Squarespace etc or did you do it off your own bat?


  2. admin May 21, 2024

    Thanks for the reply Jason…this site is a simple WordPress template I built about a decade(!) ago. It’s pretty basic, but it was easy to set up and, most importantly, allows for easy image uploads. 🙂

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