Galactic Aliens

Galactic Aliens, Official Handbook, Alan Frank
Sackett Publicare Ltd, 1979
94 pp, full color illustrations throughout

This book holds a great nostalgia for me. I purchased it *new* with some birthday money from a long-shuttered Walden Books local in my local shopping mall. Apart from pride of (sort of) self-financed ownership, end-to-end full color illustrations, great vintage sci-fi graphics and compelling, pseudo-scientific text make this title a keeper. detailed schematics on size, taxonomy, and innate abilities add an engrossing level of authority to this catalog.
A bewildering range of 43(!) different alien species are surveyed with handsomely printed full color illustrations. My only critique is that each illustration doesn’t have¬†¬† the artist individually attributed. Still, a fine title and many artists’ styles will be familiar to readers of this era.

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